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Welcome to our COVID19 resource centre.  We've tried to collate all resources you may need on COVID19 here.  From national guidance, to social media messages, to evidence on how to manage specific conditions, it's all here.  To try to aid navigation we've broken the resources up into categories as shown on the right.  You can click these to take you to the documents and links as well as any subcatgories.  The most popular resources are shown on the right hand side of the screen and below this you can see the newest resources.  If you want to search for something, use the search button above.  If you have any resources which you think might help, please upload this using the "Submit a document or resource" menu item above. To access our palliative care resources you will need to register with our site with an email address using the login box on the right side of the page.

Important recent letter from NHS England about  Second phase of General Practice response to COVID-19 - update to GP contracts and income protection arrangements

Don't forget to check out our Facebook group ( for FREE access to our EMIS and S1 tools including:

  • OneRemote templates to help with remote consulting - including all latest evidence collated through this site, taking account of ethical considerations, end of life care and also risk assessment
  • A linked COVID care plan which mail merges when you've used the above
  • A mailmerged Form 4 for cremation
  • A protocol to code risk and then print out the appropriate letter for your patients

A letter  Antibody testing programme roll out for NHS staff and patients: Letter from Pauline Philip and Professor Steven Powis  was published earlier in the week.  Nikki Kanani has highlighted how this will help us understand how the disease will spread and will work alongside PCR testing which will confirm whether or not someone currently has the virus.  The antibody test will be available for practices to use from today as you deem appropriate to manage your patients.  Where there is not a specific clinical indication for the test, the Secretary of State has announced that it may be offered to NHS patients already having their blood taken and who wish to know whether they have been infected with COVID19.  The NHS lab result will be available to the practice in the normal way and it is their responsibility to inform the patient of the result and that a positive test does not indicate immunity to COVID19.

There's an awesome  COVID Unlock Plan V7 - with thanks to The Maltings  surgery.  Thinking about how to move on as COVID19 restrictions lift - this is an awesome resource to look at and use.  In the same vein theres a good  10 Leaps forward innovation in the pandemic - going "back to better"  guide and also a  Back to better infographic from NWL .

Coping with Coronavirus - - a pictoral guide which is good for LD patients

Ockham Health have done a really helpful podcast on  establishing a COVID hot site .

There's also a useful commentary on  Data ownership and contact tracing - legal aspects

Hot topic at the moment is BAME groups during COVID19.  We've added a new section to the resources to cover thsi evolving area, useful highlights are:

Latest guidance about testing can be found here: Coronavirus (COVID19_: getting tested - .GOV guidance

A couple of great guides for patients who've had COVID and what to expect when they're discharged and recovering and also some information about how to encourage movement for people (even post COVID):

Some additional resources to help with remote consulting have been added:

Some very interesting new evidence highlighted:

A great collection of podcasts on all sorts of Primary Care topics, mainly focussed on COVID of late:  Primary Care Knowledge Boost  

A video that highlights the droplet spread of a cough with or without a mask:  See how wearing a mask affects droplet spread of a cough .  As well as the formal  COVID 19 Infection prevention and control guidance complete - PHE

Some great resources to support children and families:

Some useful guides for managing practices/services:

Have a good weekend everybody.

Dustyn and the team at Primary Care Pathways

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