Primary Care IT is excited to announce our new tool OneContact. Created in collaboration with IatroPartners we've developed a comprehensive suite of remote monitoring and communication tools that allow quality clinical reviews to be undertaken remotely and enhance communication between patients and your surgery. Uniquely this is then able to be imported back into your native clinical system as coded data, genuinely solving a very real problem. Imagine patients having a standardised and high quality review, that allows clinicians to hone down on the most important areas quickly and only bring patients in for the elements of care that are essential. That's what OneContact delivers. As with all Primary Care IT tools this will be part of our toolset for subscribers. We are planning to offer to non-subscribers at a very accessible £200 per year. We'll be launching this in the next month, but if you want an early glimpse of this game changing resource, login to our webinar on Friday where we'll be showing this for the very first time.  You can join the waiting list for this exciting tool by going to